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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 4, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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a live report. rain across the bay area means snow in the sierra. >> and laura says she pulled the fun bus up to the gas station. we have a full tank. it's friday, november 4th. "today in the bay." >> who is driving? >> you always are. >> that's right. the fun bus has arrived. get on board. 6:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. i've been trying to get the keys. christina is on my side. >> she drives. we sit in the back. if you're headed to work this morning, headed to take the kids to school give krours extra time. the rain showers have moved south to 580. what i can tell you is we've had some pretty substantial rainfall
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over the entire bay area over the course of the past hour. that's a mix of rain and snow over montana hamilton. it's really cool this morning. woor at 33 in napa. we'll tell you what's to come for the weekend. major changes on the way from what we've already seen. the rain has played an effect on the roadway. this is northbound 280 at race street. it involves a single car that went into the center divide. a note for the general vicinity. 280 at 87, reports of flooding in general on the roadways. that means water is coming into the roadway. it doesn't mean it's completely flooded. but still slick conditions. >> you have to be careful. >> thank you, mike. it's 6:01. more and more people inspired by the occupy movement message are
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taking their own action against big banks. today in the bay's marla tellez joins us with more on the story. good morning, marla. >> good morning, laura. mike fox sr. is the owner of this beverage distributing compa company. he's part of the 1%. he put a twist on the occupy wall street movement. the 75-year-old is a prominent south bay businessman and well known philanthropist. he had an initial monetary gift for the medical. he is taking millions out of bank of america in a show for support of the occupy movement.
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he's going to yank it all out. it could land in a local bank. considering the kind of man fox is. >> it's wonderful family. it's family business. they care about you more than employees. i think what he's doing is very we feel. november 4th is tomorrow. it's called bank transfer day. that's when activists are asking everybody across the nation to take their money out of a commercial bank and do what fox plans to do and put it in a smaller local bank. he says it will cost him at least $30,000, but he doesn't seem to mind.
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it seems we'll be hearing from him later this morning. oakland is facing tons of criticism for their handling of the occupy movement. the city held a special city council meeting last night to address the concerns. they came together to discuss the city's plans. many fear the government is spiraling out of control and costing the city time, money and reputati reputation. they are proposing a resolution to ask the city i think colluding public and police works to help out the cause. possiblily allowing the tents to remain in front of city hall. businesses in the area, however, want them gone. we had conversations with businesses saying they will not
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consider renewing their leases unless something is done immediately. the damage is unacceptable. the violence is uncalled for. >> protesters are responsible for much of the destruction early thursday morning. 103 people were arrested during the protest. and the damage to replace 18 broken windows in the municipal building alone is $25,000. >> the time is 6:05. this morning 14 months after the devastating natural gas explosion that levelled a neighborhood, pg&e says they want to earn back the bay area's trust. >> good morning, jon. happy friday. the new chief at pg&e just started the job in september. he took a look around and said they really need to improve customer service.
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what they're going to do is spend $400 million in just two years to improve their natural gas networks electrical operations and customer service. the new ceo told the mercury news that it was clear to him that the company wasn't functioning all that well after reading the ntsb's report on the san bruno explosion that levelled 38 homes and killed eight people last year. the new spending will speed up repairs to firn leaks and cut the time it takes to start new service to business customers. jon and laura, back to you.
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>> the woman accused of stealing from san francisco giants employees. 41-year-old robin o'connor made wire transfers to a personal account. the team's former payroll manager embezzled more than $2 million from the team. according to court papers she must now forfeit more than half a million dollars. along with a 2011 bmw and a 2011 ford pickup truck. in case you're on the sofa chilling in your snuggie, it may be soggy in your neighborhood this morning. in the sierra, yes, the snow is falling. several inches of snow causing problems for anybody trying to get up and down interstate 80. crews had to help a few drivers get their cars out of the snow banks and get chains on the tires. >> and it's nice to be on the slopes but not in the traffic like that. >> you can helicopter? >>. we have a dusting of snow as well.
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christina, is it coming? >> whatever we get, i don't think it will accumulate or stick. but the snow level because it's so cold has fallen to 3,500 feet. we're one degree above freezing in santa rosa. napa, your temperatures came up just a little bit. i'm still counting on upper 20s before all is said and done. we'll stay tuned for that. the bulk of the moisture has drifted to the of 580. you can see the mix of rain and snow over mount hamilton here. we are expecting a few isolated thunderstorms to develop this afternoon. we have a lot of instability. we'll see a few spotty showers continue to linger for the first part of the day. the second half of your day you'll get sunshine. it will not be warm out there. you can see how cold it is. that snowfall coming down over places like mount hamilton. this means we'll see the greatest instability. this afternoon we get the
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daytime heating as the sun comes out. you're fair game. same for the south bay. we may see a few places like redwood city. your temperatures are fot that warm at all. back in the 50s in san francisco. 61 for oakland. 62 in napa. just 60 in san jose. the throughout saturday, another round of rain moves in. we'll track this for you. we have the seven-day forecast coming up in the next report. stay tuned. 6:09. anything out there yet? >> the slick roadways creating a lot of smaller accidents -- i shouldn't say creating. contributing. i don't want to be on any reports. highway 4 is slowing. a lot of cars from antioch and love ridge. speeds below 20. and speeds approaching 45 as you're going through pittsburgh. you're looking at 580. general slowing into livermore
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and through livermore as folks are making the cut through pleasan pleasanton as well. now let's get you looking south. 680 is nicely moving through southbound. water is still kicking up off the roadway. general flooding reported in spots throughout san jose. back to you. >> thank you, mike. it's 6:10. we've been talking about the $98 billion price tack estimate. >> and we're taking you to livermore to talk about the headache this is unusual weather is causing grape growers and wine makers. we'll have the story coming up. and for all the stimulating conversation, log on now. laura has the computer fired up. i like what she's doing. we also have traffic, weather and all sorts of good things. check us out on face [ male announcer ] imagine there was a way
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to keep high-tech jobs here in san francisco. a way to renew blighted neighborhoods like mid-market and the tenderloin by helping emerging industries expand and hire more workers. a way to give incentives to companies that produce clean energy jobs. one man found a way to do all this and more. mayor ed lee. ed lee accomplished these things in less than one year as mayor.
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just imagine what he'll do with four. good friday morning to you. this is a live look outside over the east bay. slick roadways out there. be careful as we've had good rainfall to make it spin out. got to take it easy. >> take the foot off the pedal. we've been talking about it all morning here. it's getting cold outside. christina says we could be scraping frost off the cars this weekend. bob redell is live in livermore. good morning, bob. >> well, jon, it's because of the weather. we had a mild summer. we had early october rain in early october. then we had the ipd marianne summer that just halted in the
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past 24 to 48 hours. if you look at our breath, you can see how cold it is. michael prince valley is a grape grower and farmer. you've been in the business for a long time. have you seen a season like this? do you recall a season like this? >> not in recent memory. it's been a while. >> what is it doing to the grapes? it can cause a problem in the fruit. it ros. there's certain practices you can dochlt mother nature will give you what i give you. have you seen a rush in the past 24/48 hours? >> oh, yeah. the last week. the last week. as farmers we try to look at the weather two or three weeks down the road the best we can.
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and they're predicting the storm to come this week. if that's the worst thing that happens i'm okay with that. >> and this is going to make your job for difficult. you only get one-third of those compared to years past. yields are definitely down this year. i'm not a grower this year especially. we get to be selective about the vineyards we work with and certainly if we don't feel the fruit will make good wine, we'll turn it down. the result is just having lesser portfolio of wines. >> all right. appreciate it. thanks for getting up early. >> thank you. >> jon, laura. >> back to you. i u see him eyeing more grapes,
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too. >> got to watch out for the forecast, too. do we need to keep the umbrella handy? we're going to see clearing today. what i can recommend, that was not an earthquake. it was a collision. mike inouy werks is bottling it up on the roadways. we'll find out if the rain is impacting your drive. it's cold out here. we are at 33 degrees this morning. sunrise comes in at 7:37. we'll get more sunshine early, which is great for the early morning commuters. 37 in novato. 337 in na pa. we'll continue to see the showers push to the south.
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right now all that activity is winding down south of 80. give yourself plenty of time. you see the mix of rain and snow still coming down. so you'll probably be using your windshield wipers. some cities picked up over a quarter of an inch. 60 in los gatos. now has we head through tomorrow morning, colder air on the way. and of course through the north bay. clear conditions, though. if you want to get outside, you can do sho. we're going to get substantial rainfall. you can see the yellow over livermore. however, we have the time change to look forward to.
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don't forget to fall back sunday at 2:00 a.m. always a good idea to do so around saturday night, 9:00 p.m. that's when i go to bed anyways. are you a late sleeper? >> it depends on if the kids are sleeping. we'll change the clocks when we can. we always do because you remind us. we're looking over the the south bay. we have a couple of issues to point out. also the area where where they talked about flooding on the roadways. again the cars are facing the wrong way. there's the general slowdown for the commute through the area. pretty typical for friday at this time. both directions at the top of your screen. 101 is not a problem. a light commute now. 280 as well between the city and
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the south bay. these folks make their way up to here without delays. cash lane is showing minor backup. back to you. the agency in charge of california's bullet trains rolling is asking for $6 billion out of the gate. the high speed rail authority announced a $98 billion announce. . yesterday it submitted a formal request for $3.3 billion in federal grants. another $3 billion in state bonds. congress must approve the federal request. they will handle the state bond request. >> los gatol police need your help catching bike bandits. the thieves are working together to steal the bicycles. 80 cases reported so far. that's compared to 74 of all of last year. the police chief thinks the economy is to blame for the increase in that property climb.
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if you notice suspicious people, report them. lock up the garages and doors and lock up the bikes. 6:19. a pair of bay area companies under the micro scope this morning. one group wants to know why they're not paying federal taxes. taking a live look outside from the south bay. a break in the storm comes later today. the full fiststitinah stin coming up. a
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welcome back, everyone. 6:22 right now. they are trying to convince investors that the debt crisis can be helped. they agreed to increase the refund to help. in the meantime the future could be decided by a vote of confidence in with the prime minister today. it will be interesting to watch. a number of bay area companies joining criticism for not paying their taxes. among them, the bay area's pg&e
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nonpartisan tax group. other companies listed as paying half the tax rate. including yahoo! and hewlett-packa hewlett-packard. >> in a few minutes groupon will ring the opening bell on the nasd nasdaq. there you see andrew mason. this is live video from times square and new york city. he's addressing the employee who is you can't see off camera. there's the vice president of the nasdaq off to his right. pricing is at $20. that brings in $700 million. it puts the company's overall worth at $12 billion.
6:25 am
so as small a milestone as it may be. it's a good time to offer thanks to the people. >> there's 31-year-old andrew mason. it's really small. this helps boost the price. let's go way back to a similar scene and linked in which did the same a few months ago. it's well higher than $45 it traded the first day. they say they're not wret makes profits and they will offer more stock to get money for the company. investors love the first time they offer stock. they hate the second time they offer stocks. the american economy added 80,000 jobs in the month of october.
6:26 am
1,400 people lose their jobs at ship maker amd. i just talked with the head of marketing. 80 in sunnyv harale. most will come in texas. but it's better than it would be. >> we have to figure out a business that doesn't generate one penny in revenue but raise billions of dollars. >> we could get to venture capital. >> you know i will. 6:26 right now. still to come, pg&e is spending millions to upgrade pipelines. what else will try to urn your trust back. and a south bay businessman making a statement against banks today. we'll have a live report coming up. and showers are quickly winding down. another round of rain in the
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new this morning, pg&e will spend $400 million more on upgrades i'll tell you what they're using it for coming up in a live report. and a prominent south bay businessman is putting a twist on the whole occupy wall street movement. good morning. i'll explain what he's doing in honor of the 99% coming up. and a live look at new york city where they are ringing the opening bell to celebrate. >> what a feeling that bust be. >> i would be clapping very hard. >> it's friday.
6:30 am
november 4th. "today in the bay." >> that dramatic pause is compliments of mike inouye. good morning. i'm jon kelley. let's check in with christina loren. thanks a lot. they always give the most talented musician the tambourine. we have nice weather for the second half of your day. the showers are winding down. we'll get sunshine today. we are expecting the potential of pretty strong thunderstorms to develop over higher elevations so we'll take you through the forecast. we have a new sunrise.
6:31 am
you know when it's wet and cold people need to leave early. >> that's right. lower the speeds and allow the extra time. right now we have more time for the bay bridge. the toll plaza, the meters lights turned on after a disabled vehicle was reported on the upper deck. quickly filling in all the way back to about west grand avenue now. this is unusually heavy for a friday because of the one incident. pg&e, 14 months after the blast that levelled a neighborhood. they are live in oakland where they plan to spend $400 million to upgrade the national pipeline infrastructure and to improve customer service hopefully. >> good morning to you. this is expected to happen
6:32 am
really quickly. he said really they have a lot of work to do to improve trust from the public. they're talking about spending $400 million over two years to improve customer service and operations on the natural pipelines. the new ceo says we need to earn back customer confidence with service that is outstanding, affordable and reliable. he thought the company wasn't functioning that well. they destroyed homes and killed eight people last year. the new money will be from shareholders and in addition to $2.2 billion proposed to update gas transmission pipes and fix 1,000 miles and fix 1,000 miof . the goal is ambitious. to become the best facility in
6:33 am
the entire country. >> we will continue to follow that one. thank you very much. still to no decision about what to do tw the occupy oakland lanld encampment after a heated city council meeting to address concerns. >> i'm going to go finish my speech! >> protesters, council members, business owners and oakland mayor quan coming together to discuss the plans. many fear the movement is they would possiblily allow the tents to remain in front of city hall. protesters responsible for the destruction early thursday morning, 103 people were arrested during those protests. more and more people are inspired by the occupy movement's message. they're taking their own action
6:34 am
against big banks. today a businessman plans to take his millions to a smaller institution. good morning, marla. >> good morning. we are outside me fox and company. it's a beverage distributor in san jose. has habit 150 employees. does about $70 million a year. the owner is part of the 1%. he says he has decided to do something in honor of the 99%. mike fox senior is taking his money and leaving bank of america. they will pull out the funds in a show of support for the occupy movement. we are not talking small potatoes. we are talking millions of dollars. he will yank that out. specially he's transferring
6:35 am
several hundred thousands dollars of his own money. he's not sure where he will put the money, but it could land in a local bank. as you can imagine, they like what they're hearing. >> the economy is showing he's really caring and supporting of the company. i'm really glad he's doing this. >> now fox's decision to do this comes just before what is being dubbed bank transfer day. tomorrow activists are urging everyone nationwide to switch from commercial banks to not for profit credit unions. they already have a facebook page and 40,000 people like it. fox says the bank transfer will take probably six months and cost him at least $30,000.
6:36 am
>> no, they're a very giving family in the community. >> thanks, marla. >> a disturbing pattern of police theft. that's the allegation from san francisco public defender jeff adachi. he presented videotape of several people who exclaim police wrong doing. many people claim the police confiscated money and property but never logged it as evidence. one woman says the police took $500 from her daughter's piggy bank. the markets are open. groupon is making its debut today. we showed you andrew mason ready to ring the opening bell. he actually turned it over to someone else. groupon raised $700 million after increasing the size of the initial offering.
6:37 am
the largest since google in 2004. the company is valued at more than $13 billion. it's always good to see ipos in this day and age. >> exactly. i would like a piece of one of those. >> i would like you ring the bell. because i would be counting my mone money. >> christina loren is here to tell us about the weather. 4 in novato. 33 in santa rosa. 37 in napa. i'm going to pay for that later. 40 in fairfield. just kidding. we have really cold air settling in during the north bay. your temperatures this morning are sub freezing. in places like santa rosa and napa. the bulk of the moisture has passed through the areas. the south bay, you see the little batch to the north of san
6:38 am
jose. spotty activity rolling onshore now. watch out. a little bit slick over the next ten minutes as the showers hold through. you'll be at 58 in san francisco. 61 in oakland. we have more rain on the way starting at 10:00 on saturday. we'll take you through the forecast coming up. the chances are you're facing a rough ride. let's check with mike. >> the general note because of your forecast, folks note these are slick roads. lower your speeds. the backup is already affected off the berkley curb. kicked off by a disabled vehicle. look at highway 4 jammed down to love ridge. again, the area i've circled, pittsburgh and bay point speeds closer to 40 than 50.
6:39 am
now expect slowing through 24 on lafayette for the next half hour as well. you'll look at 580. just a gradual build out of the altamont pass. >> 6:39. rain is falling ch temperatures are dropping. vineyards are hustling to harvest the grape ls. we'll have a live report coming up. >> the new jobs report is out this morning. we'll look at the numbers next in a live report from washington. ♪
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the monthly jobs report numbers are out. tracie potts joins us live in washington with a closer look at the numbers. good morning. >> good morning. we know the nation's new unemployment rate is 9%. it went down ever so slightly from 9.1%. what's not so great are the 80,000 jobs created in october. it sounds like a lot. it's half of what we eventually saw in accept. it was less than economists had predicted. the job numbers are the private
6:43 am
sector jobs created les the government jobs that we're losing every month. states, counties and cities that are laying off, hiring and not rehiring workers. here on capitol hill, we're talking jobs as well. they've knocked down a part of the president's jobs plan to provide $60 billion for road and rail projects. democratic aides are breaking it apart now. voting piece by piece. the next part will be whether or not to approve tax breaks for employers who hire veterans. laura? >> got to be interesting to see. thank you, tracie. >> coming up, the warning is out to stay away from wails in santa cruz. and you'll see why coming up.
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good friday morning to you. the rain came down. will we get a break? >> a little break. still shower activity. for the most part showers are winding down in the greater bay area. south bay, you are still getting showers. where we have clear skies, places like santa rosa. 1 degree away from freezing. 33 there. and our temperatures are anticipated to fall a little bit more as we head through probably the next two hours. sunrise is really late this time of year. that will all change as we wake up on monday morning, yeah, more sunlight for the morning driver. safer conditions for you and the kids. this is what we're looking at throughout the day. showers continue to push south and wind down. we'll see a little spotty
6:47 am
activity through the north bay and along the peninsula as we head through the next couple of hours. the bulk of the moisture has come through your area already. we are going to watch for the formation of strong, isolated thunderstorms, especially over the higher elevations. the west facing slopes. we'll keep that in the forecast through 4:00 p.m. today. 60s today in the warmest cities of the bay. low 60s in fairfield and livermore. concord where we didn't get much rain is starting to clear out. that will be the warmest spot with temperatures in the mid 60s. tomorrow it will be so cold to start. with all the moisture we just picked up, we are anticipating widespread frost across the bay area.
6:48 am
these showers will continue to move through sunday. it could become a washout. sunrise th morning, newe sunrise at 6:40 a.m. ch >> that's right, christi. we're looking for that. northbound 101. the general slowing because the commute kicked nor if the south bay. we have general flooding reported for one lane. all lanes are now cleared. northbound 80. we have a single car accident reported here. it's facing the wrong direction. potentially a spinout there as well. general note, slick roadways. the slower peninsula looks fini.
6:49 am
not a problem. the meters lights turned on because of a disabled vehicle still blocking lanes on up the upper deck. a slam down for all lanes onto the east shore freeway. that sun expectedly heavy for a friday. a final live look shows you what things are like at the san mateo bridge. a close encounter with hump back whales is getting attention this morning. he was off the coast of santa cruz. she taped something incredible. and all the sudden, wow. two 40-ton humpbacks surfacing to eat some anchovies. she says she was sitting just 20 feet away. >> the two whales come out of the water. mouth full of anchovies.
6:50 am
she says she came within five feet of a humpback just a week ago. whales are preked by federal law. chasing after one could lead up to a fine of there are 32,000. >> you could get close to the best cyclists in the world. there will be some changes to the tour of california. san jose will still be a key leg of the bike race. riders will finish the second stage of the race in santa cruz. santa cruz dropped out because of financial problems. another change next year, the race will start in santa rosa and eventually end in southern california. >> this just in.
6:51 am
it's cold. we could see frost this weekend. that is no, not good news for grape growers. bob redell is live with more on how the harvest could affect their bottom line. >> good morning. the rain is not good for the grapes. michael has been a grower and farmer since the beginning of time. you haven't seen this weather in a while. this past week the growers have been picking like crazy in livermore. what is this going to mean for quality of the grape? what do you anticipate? >> if grower did his job correctly and managed the venue correctly, it should have no real impact on the quality this year. >> but you said some aren't going to be ripe. >> this is the end of the road. if you manage the vineyard correctly, you'll be okay. >> it puts the job on wine
6:52 am
makers like collin. normally you would have "x" about of cap. this year you'll have what? >> about a third down? >> a third down. what does that do for you? you have to improvise? >> yeah. our program is resolved around taking each component and making the best blends we can. so going to have to improvise. >> you were saying down the road you have grapes you're not going to be able to pick. you don't think they'll get ripe enough? >> yeah, they're just sitting. it's the end of the road for ripening in livermore and across the state. the storm coming in will dilute the flavors. >> kind of a gamble. you may get a burst of heat but who knows. >> lucky for us this vineyard is ready to go.
6:53 am
cabernet has been the issue. >> we won't know until 2012 or 2013 how this all played into what end up on the palette there. a silicon valley couple is creating a new institute to reduce poverty around the world. they say they were inspired after watching stanford international students start ventures to improve the lives of people in their home countries. stanford officials say the new substitute will seek to stimulate innovation aimed at relieving poverty in the nations. it will support entrepreneurs. even those already dealing with
6:54 am
it. and it can stabilize blood sugar level. they found a link between those who had higher muscle mass and the lower rate of diabetes. when muscle map goes up 10%, insulin resistance can drop 11%. >> the time is 6:54. the "today show" coming up in a matter of minutes. ann curry has a look at what they're working on today. >> laura and jon, good morning. coming up on a friday morning here on today, herman cain opens up about the sexual assault allegations. and we could hear from one of his accusers today. also ahead today, we'll go live to los angeles where a verdict could come as early as today in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. plus, justin bieber will be here live. he's been making other headlines
6:55 am
lately. we'll talk to him about that and his new album. and matt will get us ready for next week's where if the world adventure. the first top secret destination as we're started on a friday morning here on "today." >> a south bay business owner inspired by the occupy movement says he's taking millions of dollars out of bank of america to make a statement. >> good morning. it's called me fox and company. he says he's part of the 1%. the 75-year-old is a prominent south bay businessman and a well known philanthropist. he's taking his millions out of bank of america in show of support for the occupy movement. he's hoping other one percenters
6:56 am
will do the same. he tells mercury news he has 8 million dollars of his company's money. he's going to yank it all out. it could land in a local bank. the decision comes before what is being dubbed bank transfer day. that is tomorrow, november 5th. this is when activists are urging everyone nationwide to switch from big cher shl bank to the smaller one. the not for profit credit union or just a local bank. this morning we are in touch with the fox family. mr. fox will hold a news conference here at 11:00 this morning. >> marla, thank you very much. a bay area congresswoman wrapping up her attempt to live on food stamps today. san francisco representative jackie spear has been trying to live on a food stamp budget
6:57 am
since monday. that is $4.50 per day for food. spear said she wanted to experience the way low-income force americans are trying to live. they took on the food stamp challenge to protest potential cuts to food assistant programs. good morning. the dow and nasdaq trading slightly lower. it's group on we want to pay attention to. it has not yet started trading. in for groupon. we were watching andrew mason as he and cofound rs open the nasdaq this morning. we have not seen data from the trading kpaue ining computers. let's talk gadget friday. ever need motivation to go to the gym or walk around the block? this is a cool. this is a new gadget called the the strive.
6:58 am
it counts your steps as you walk or run. it has fun features like a reward system that will ding every time you do something cool. select a charity. clean water. every time you walk, the company will donate money to charities of your choice. i chose clean water. the total cost is $100. that's the only cost up front. there's no subscription cost or anything. >> and then it's ha lifetime. >> from there on out as you walk they will continue to donate money to the charity of your choice. >> so it's a wireless type device. is that how they get the information? >>. >> get walking. get moving. the rain will clear. to give you the chance, let's check in with christina. >> bring a jacket with you today. you can see, still dark. we meet back here monday. wee will have sunlight. the new sunrise at 6:40 a.m.
6:59 am
chmore rain moves in saturday night into sunday. let's check the drive with mike inouye. >> bay area toll plaza unexpectedly heavy because of a disabled vehicle. it's been cleared. should start to see some recovery. it will still be slow for the next half hour, guys. back to you. >> be careful as you head out the door this morning. it's slick with the rain that came down. >> absolutely. grab an umbrella, a warm jacket. >> or stick around the house longer. we'll be back with a local news update in half an hour. 7:25. and every half hour after that. >> and then we'll be along at 11:00 to bring you the 11:00 a.m. morning news catching you up on everything else. we'll be here. >> we'll be back here on monday morning as well.


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